Nov 10: Adam meets the Dry Valleys!


Very exciting day today! I packed up my belongings at McMurdo field station and put them and myself on a helicopter at 0800 to be flown across the McMurdo Sound to the Dry Valleys. Our helo pilot, Flo, treated me to an exceptionally scenic trip. Photos can do the talking…

Approaching the Asgard range, home to the McMurdo Dry Valleys. Ice covered McMurdo Sound below.

getting closer…

The Ferrar Glacier fills the first Valley South of Taylor Valley, our destination. Almost there…

Taylor Valley!


Canada Glacier, viewed from across the helo cockpit.

We eventually arrived at Lake Hoare Camp located on the northern shore of Lake Hoare, which is located ont the western side of Canada Glacier. Upon my arrival, the camp manager, Rae, had hot coffee waiting! What a world we live in! After a brief tour around the small camp facilites, I set up my tent. Sorry I don’t have picture, but I’m camped very close (a safe distance) to the edge of Canada Glacier. This is easily the most beautiful place I have ever been.

I am currently enjoying a pizza dinner with the good folks at Lake Hoare. I have been consistently impressed by the quality of people here in Antarctica, and Lake Hoare is no exception.

Aside from breath taking views and the feeling of being way out there, the most amazing thing is the sound. There is none. When I stand outside of my tent and hold my breath, it’s like being in a vacuum. Think of all the sounds around you right now. Cars, air conditioning, birds, wind through trees, etc. Now errase it. Hard to imagine.

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “Nov 10: Adam meets the Dry Valleys!

  1. Abby Kreider

    Adam! I can’t believe how amazing this trip is and I’m looking forward to keeping up with you through your blog. Enjoy every second of this amazing experience – you are always on the mind of the ladies of the 2A. Do big things!


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